Venicci Asti 2in1 - Smokey Grey



Venicci Asti 2in1 - Smokey Grey 

9 Piece Bundle. What's included?

    • Frame,
    • Carrycot,
    • Seat unit,
    • Changing bag,
    • Seat Unit Apron,
    • Raincover,
    • Mosquito net,
    • Cup holder,
    • Back Wheels Cover
Venicci Asti is available as a 3in1 Travel System bundle, which means it comes with Carrycot, Seat Unit and a Car Seat. The carrycot is suitable from birth until 6 months old, providing comfortable space for your little one in those early months. It includes a soft mattress made from a luxury cotton lining, providing the ultimate comfort for your baby. Not only that, due to its quality, it perfectly blends in with the high standards of Vencci finishing. The carrycot is a large, lie flat design that will provide support and protection for your baby along with ventilation, which ensures correct air flow inside the carrycot. As your baby grows, you can raise the backrest in the carrycot if your baby wants to be in a more upright position.

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