Supportive apps for new mums

Technology is everywhere these days and it can prove incredibly useful in all sorts of areas of our lives, so if you’re a new mum and you feel like you need a bit of help, why not see if there’s an app or two out there that could give you the support you’re looking for right now?

What about downloading the Baby Nursing app, which can help you track the nursing progress of your baby, charting their growth, nappy changes, visits to the doctor and so on. You can also record the height, weight and head size of your child and track them on a growth chart, as well as syncing data with other childcare providers if necessary.

And then there’s the Baby Monitor 3G app, which allows you to use any connected device as a baby monitor, providing you with a live audio and video feed over WiFi or mobile data, working much like Skype or FaceTime. Top features include an activity log so you can monitor sleeping patterns, lullabies and calming music to play, and multiparent support.

Something you may find particularly useful (and fun!) is Mush, an app set up by two women who met on maternity leave. It’s a social app for mums to help you find friends who live nearby and who have kids the same age as yours.

You can arrange meetups, get advice from top parenting experts and other mums on countless topics, and join chat groups that cover anything and everything.

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