New toys for babies and kids

Music plays a big part in our daily lives from listening to the radio on our way to work, to playing your favourite playlist after a long day. Music plays a key role in children's development and that is why we recommend picking up a musical toy for your little ones and see how their eyes light up. 

Here are the key benefits of musical toys for children:

  • Increasing their motor skills and coordination
  • Improves their memory
  • Helps to create a bond between parent and child 
  • Helps them to create friendships with other babies 
  • Uses energy, helping to them to sleep
  • Helps with sensory development
  • Lifts their mood or can soothe them when upset

At Young Trend we have lots of musical toys for your little ones. A great item to get your child or also an ideal gift if you are looking for a present for a newborn. 

A new brand to our online store is Hippychick who specialise in children's toys. You can see our gorgeous range of musical teddies from this brand here

Musical toys for baby